// Projects

Here is a sample of the applications I have delivered, grouped by client:

  • Global agriscience manufacturer #
  • Fortune 500 financial services #
  • Investment management firm #
  • Global aerospace manufacturer #

The list is in reverse chronological order—most recent projects at the top.

Client:  Global agriscience manufacturer
Users: Supply chain planners, production schedulers, data stewards #

Working in Operations – Enterprise Data Management, I designed, implemented, and deployed new applications in support of the creation and maintenance of material master data in SAP ECC.  I automated manual activities and complex workflows and built ETL processes to sync EDM databases with ECC.

I extracted and combined data from various systems for data quality assessment and departmental KPI reporting.  I created connected front-end workbooks with query and pivot tables to provide dynamic analyses of audit exceptions and performance metrics.

I remediated existing applications to improve stability and performance and provided technical support to a global user base.

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Client:  Fortune 500 financial services
Users:  Analysts, accountants, managers, directors #

Working on a small team, I refactored and patched legacy code, designed and built custom applications, and analyzed operating data for senior management.  I coached less experienced developers and implemented improvements in both technical and business processes.

Areas of responsibility included:

  • System maintenance
  • Production reporting
  • Decision support
  • User support

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Client:  Investment management firm
Users:  Investment analysts, portfolio managers #

Working directly with users, I designed and built a variety of systems and solutions.

Portfolio Management System

  • Transactional database which tracks client accounts and provides custom block trading.
  • Enables targeted re-balancing across all accounts in the firm.

Details and screenshots are here

R & D, Asset Allocation Strategies

  • Worked directly with a portfolio manager in a RAD capacity, serving as a de facto technical / financial analyst.
  • Developed tactical tools for simulating portfolios and evaluating dynamic asset allocation strategies.
  • Prepared Excel pivot tables and charts and PowerPoint slides to convey results.
  • Created a custom indicator library for a real-time trading and analysis package.

Time Series Function Library

  • VBA function library which implements an extensive set of technical indicators and proprietary metrics in the areas of price volatility and risk-weighted return.
  • Developed in collaboration with the portfolio manager / CMT.
  • Employs an array-based coding paradigm to overcome the performance limitations of standard Excel formulas in computation-intensive applications.
  • Add-in packaging centralizes the source code while making the functionality available for both interactive and production usage.

Production Security Analytics

  • Computation, storage, and display of proprietary analytics for a volatility-based portfolio management methodology.
  • Foundation for a live strategy with $250 million in assets under management.

Details and screenshots are here

Client:  Global aerospace manufacturer
Users:  Engineers, financial analysts, program managers #

Working directly with users, I designed and built a variety of systems and solutions.

Business Case Evaluation Solution

  • Project evaluation-investment analysis system based in Excel with data storage via ADO and Access.
  • Facilitates the capital budgeting process for the maintenance operations of a large jet engine fleet.

Details and screenshots are here

ETL Process

  • Data administration procedures and utilities for the project evaluation system.
  • Comprehensive scripts guide the business analyst in gathering and updating data representing as-is state.
  • Macro-driven query sequences in Access extract source data from ERP and departmental systems and populate the baseline database.

Fleet Hour Invoicing

  • Contract management and billing application which allows the user to track complex contractual relationships and configure customized billing setups.
  • Provides a smart, context-sensitive interface for issuing invoices.
  • Automates Excel to export and format production activity for integration with SAP.

Repair Order Tool

  • Document generation system based in Access and utilizing MS Word.
  • Provides a point-and-click environment for creating a key technical document in compliance with corporate standards.
  • Merges stored document definitions to a Word template under VBA automation to generate a complete and consistent final product.

AFA – Servigistics Extractor

  • Data transformation utility which serves as the interface between an internal claims database and a hosted demand forecasting package.
  • Enables the user to maintain critical part chains and calculate specialized failure rates.
  • Produces custom-formatted output to accommodate target system functionality.