// Agriscience Client

Client:  Global agriscience manufacturer
Users: Supply chain planners, production schedulers, data stewards #

Working in Operations – Enterprise Data Management, I designed, implemented, and deployed new applications in support of the creation and maintenance of material master data in SAP ECC.  I automated manual activities and complex workflows and built ETL processes to sync EDM databases with ECC.

I extracted and combined data from various systems for data quality assessment and departmental KPI reporting.  I created connected front-end workbooks with query and pivot tables to provide dynamic analyses of audit exceptions and performance metrics.

I remediated existing applications to improve stability and performance and provided technical support to a global user base.


  • ETL Utility #
  • Mass Load Tool #
  • Attribute Exception Report #
  • Mass Extension Tool #
  • Material Request Workbook #
  • Material Request Workbook Loader #
  • Opportunity Database #

ETL Utility #

Job-oriented infrastructure application in Access which extracts data from SAP via the automation of SE16N and other transactions. Updates SQL Server and Access databases for production and reporting.  Transformed a 45-minute manual process into a 5-minute automated task that can be repeated at will.

Mass Load Tool #

Existing SQL Server/Access application for bulk creation of materials as driven by user-selected attributes. Added major features including custom workflow tracking with notifications, a table-driven email sub-system, and generation of pre-populated ZKMT Super BOM files.  Assumed responsibility for technical support.

Attribute Exception Report #

Access application which merges several BusinessObjects reports to detect discrepancies in GMID attributes.  Output is a VBA-driven workbook which parses material descriptions against material characteristics according to nomenclature standards.  Exceptions are color coded and summarized by type.

Mass Extension Tool #

Excel add-in for processing the bulk extension of materials via WinShuttle.  Extensive VBA code queries ECC to validate user input and populate worksheets for MARA, MARC, etc.  Handles hundreds to thousands of GMIDs while transforming a mostly manual task into a mostly automated one.

Material Request Workbook #

Excel workbook distributed via SharePoint as the starting point for material creation or extension.  Extensive VBA code queries SAP and SQL Server to populate drop-down lists and check entered data.  Allows the user to pre-validate before submission to EDM, significantly reducing errors and re-work.

Material Request Workbook Loader #

Excel add-in which provides full automation of MM01 via SAP GUI scripting to create or extend a material from a Material Request Workbook.  Provides detailed logging to the Material Data Steward for troubleshooting and error resolution.  Reduced transaction time from 20 manual minutes to two hands-off minutes.

Opportunity Database #

Existing C# / ASP.NET application for tracking process improvement ideas.  Advised colleagues on configuring the Visual Studio environment, managing a local instance of SQL Server, and debugging JavaScript issues.